Hello, and welcome to our site!!! We are glad you decided to take a look at us!

We started our business back in 1970, right here in Shelby, Mi 49455.
Originally, we started designing and building furnaces capable of extremely high temperatures.
We used (and still use) these furnaces to make Man-Made Gems.

We make crystals of Rubies, Sapphires of many colors, Diamond Encore, Garnets, Cubic Zirconia, and many others.
We make more kinds of man-made gems than any other company on Earth.
We cut and facet the crystals into gem shapes and then place the faceted gems into gold and silver rings, pendants, earrings, etc.....  
If you wish to see (or purchase) you can look at our website at http://www.shelbygemfactory.com

You can also visit us M-F 9-5:30  and Sat 12-4.
at 1330 Industrial Park Drive, Shelby, MI 49455
If you use a GPS to navigate please enter 494 Industrial Park Drive.  
We've been here so long that our actual street address doesn't interface correctly with a GPS.

In the process of designing and building our furnaces and sophisticated temperature controls, we decided to put our engineer's talents to work trying to solve our world's energy problems.

We came up with a very unique system to make extremely thin layers of crystalline Silicon.
We do this without sawing or any other form of waste of expensive silicon. 
             Please go to our Solar Cell page to learn more!

ICT, Inc.
1330 Industrial Park
Shelby, Mi 49455
ph: 231 861-2165
email: LKelley@goruby.com


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