If you are interested in Solar Electricity,
please take a little of your time and read the following:
We believe Solar energy is definitely the future for electricity generation!
Much more so than wind or coal or natural gas.
There are many reasons why we think this:
1: The sun will continue to shine for at least another 5 million years!
2: Wind is very intermittent.
3: Coal is very dirty (much CO2) and will be depleted soon.
4: Natural gas will be depleted in about 100 years.
5: The Sun shines during the day when businesses operate.
6: The Sun shines every day, cloudy or not.
(Solar cells produce electricity and need only light to work).

Why is our process better than others?

You may have heard of Solyndra, Q-Cells, or Unisolar.
All of these companies have either declared bankruptcy or are in the process. 
They all use (used) an old method of making photovoltaic (solar) cells.
They all wasted too much expensive Silicon.
They also used far too much energy to make cells.
Typically, these companies wasted about 75% of their raw materials and used about 90% too much electricity and labor.

Our process is far, far, far more economical.
We waste 0 raw materials and we use far less than they did.

We use a small centrifuge of our own design and construction.
It spins quite slowly and it enables us to control the amount of silicon material precisely. 
Also, the amount of automation required is small and the units are simple to operate.

These days we have to compete with China and low labor costs. 
Our units permits us to do that very easily.
Our costs for labor, equipment, electricity and materials are approximately 10-15% of presently used technologies.

If you wish more information about our process, please contact Larry Kelley at the address below.

We have a 15 minute YouTube presentation you can watch by clicking this link:

If that doesn't work, we can mail you a dvd with the presentation.

Larry P Kelley
ICT, Inc.
1330 Industrial Park Drive
Shelby, MI 49455
Ph 231 861-2165
email: LKelley@goruby.com


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